José Cid started the  Quartet 1111   in 1968. Participated also  as co-author with Tozé Brito.  The Quartet 1111 is a vanguardist group in its generation with more than 20 songs censored by the dictatorship of that time.

For many years  up to  now José Cid is the most important singer-songwriter of Portuguese Pop Rock, and an idol for youth, who sees in him a benchmark not only of today’s music  music but also the  all times..
Poet, composer, instrumentalist, producer, musician and protagonist of his own creation!. In his musicality, José Cid , has in its origins  as a reference, Jazz, Fado, Bossa Nova and Simphonic Rock.
Over time José Cid is evolving for a very personal and poetic Pop, while his voice allows him to be at an international level that surprises.
He finally decided in 2018 to produce his first album in Spanish, helped by two Galician poets, Julio Otero and Armando Martinez. He is  currently looking for a publisher in the Spanish-speaking world.

As a curiosity, his great-grandfather (also known as José Cid) was born in Ciudad Rodrigo and emigrated to Portugal in the 19th century!
His album "Menino Prodigio", was awarded in 2015 by  SPA(Portuguese Society of Author) as the best album of the year in Portugal.

In 2018 he won the "The Gold Glob of the Globes" awarded by SIC Television .

 In 2019 he was awarded with “ Latin Gramy for v excellence award
by the “ Latin Recording Academy”

His latests album were also released by  his label "aCid Records" - "Clube dos Corações solitários do Capitão Cid" which surprises the audience for its vocal, poetic and musical quality. This album was also, for the first time in his country, released in an innovative "PEN". and “ Fados , Fandangos, Malhões e...uma Valsinha”